A Beautiful Friendship

She sat on the cold steel feeling very unusual. Mixed feeling of anxiety, happiness and sorrow rushed through her. It was here that she had last been with Sally, her best friend. She remembered the light rain streaming down her beautiful golden hair as they chased each other around the Round Thing. She felt strange, thinking about her beautiful smile and how happy both of them had been. She could not place these feelings, gripping at her heart as it beat fiercely. She wiped away at her moist eyes, before they could form a tear.

She recalled how her dad had rushed into the ground and whisked them both away moments later. She knew how much he loved her, but she felt he should have let her play with Sally a little while longer. If he never got sick in the rain, why should I? She had reasoned. Her heart ached as she remembered this. She pushed the metallic floor she sat on with both her hands, trying pull away the needles from her heart. She looked over at the red door and saw herself saying no to her dad. There’s no way that he’ll stop me, I won’t let anyone stop me this time, she thought. She imagined him smiling and telling them that they only have ten more minutes. She saw herself running towards the swings, where sally was.


Ten more minutes… she wiped her eyes again, as they grew hot. A cool breeze rushed between her arms, making her shiver. Leaves rustled as all the nearby trees danced in the wind. She looked up for the first time since running in and realized it was going to rain again. Her dad had let her go this time, without any trouble. She recalled them trying to bring the tiger and the giraffe to life, chanting exotic spells they had picked up from the latest Harry Potter film. They had hoped to impress Dumbledore and force him to send them an invitation.

Her dad too was shaken up and not the same since the accident. Sally and her family had not been able to make it to their new home, she heard him telling her again. Sally had gone to an even better place instead, he had said, with red eyes. She knew what that meant. She would never be able to see Sally again.

She looks at the tiger and the giraffe now. It was as lifeless as ever. A blissful hiss sparked up from everywhere as it began to rain. She felt little spots of cold where ever the cool, sharp drops touched her, the sensation fading in and out randomly all over her. She soon became indifferent to these minor details, and felt the rain wash away the unpleasantness from her heart. She tried to feel the excitement and adventure the rains usually bring, but without Sally by her side she only felt empty. It was this feeling of touching and being touched by something so fleeting, something so beautiful that they both had loved about the rains. Now all it did was make her feel coland alone. She let the rain wipe away her tears this time.


Through blurry eyes she saw the rain water hitting something in the air. She slowly wiped at her eyes and saw the rain curling around and pouring down the contours of a little girl. She could see the swings behind her, through the lines the water formed as it flowed down seemingly nothing. Her heart beat faster as the invisible figure moved towards her. She knew from the walk itself that it was Sally. Most of the rain water went straight through her; only some drops managed to hit her, giving her just the faintest of details. She gripped the steel floor tighter and let out a small giggle. The rain suddenly seemed to become warmer, the drops gentler. A warm glow filled her as what looked like a smile appeared across Sally’s face.

Even though there was so much to ask Sally she kept quiet. Afraid that any sudden move might end this dream, she didn’t wipe her eyes even as water kept blurring her vision. Sally stood right next to her now and the big smile on her face was apparent. The incessant turmoil in her heart gave way to a profound sense of peace. Sally was indeed in a better place. Sally nodded her head in agreement, like she could hear. She slowly opened her arms and hugged her best friend. They both knew what the other had gone through and this simple gesture, made in the most beautiful rain only heightened the feeling of love they both felt towards each other.

The realization that Sally couldn’t be there for long slowly dawned on her. She realized that this subtle manner of introducing ideas was the only way they could communicate. She felt that Sally would always watch over her, like a guardian angel. The sense warmth from hugging Sally increased and soon seemed to spread all over her. She pulled her arms back as fewer and fewer drops hit Sally. The glow within her brightened and the angelic warmth appeared to go straight towards her core as Sally faded. She knew Sally would always be with her then. There are no words to describe what she felt when she realized that an angel, the most beautiful one, would always be with her, in her heart.



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  2. angloswiss · August 22, 2013

    I liked your idea very much, especially the idea of the rain drops mixing with her sadness.

    • ArjRana · August 22, 2013

      Thanks. I’m glad you found the time to read through the article 🙂

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