A unique predicament

I have been told that lying is a co-operative action. That in order to be lied to, a person has to agree, he has to accept the lies. Two simple but fundamental situations to validate the above come to mind. These can be said to be fundamental as they are what lies of all complexity are based upon, it you think about it. So the first is that you simply agree to everything that’s being said to you. You do not look for any evidence and are most certainly being deceived. once you figure a lie out.


Also, what happens once you know that something is a lie. If you do not act on that knowledge, you sir have shaken hands with the liar. It’s even worse if the liar knows you know the truth. The air around such a mutual understanding is ripe with evil. A darkness airy and effervescent and yet one that pierces deep into the hearts of those it affects. It bleeds them of all vitality. The ones who care, the ones who overlook the little lies end up inevitably, being hurt the most. Heartache. Such a tipping point comes with all those who have to face on a regular basis, waves upon waves of lies from ones they love, or are stuck with.

So the questions I wish to address are these:-

1. How hard does one have to try to not be a victim? Where is the line beyond which you simply become paranoid? Where does your nature, personality change?
Searching for the truth behind little seemingly unimportant things, to search for lies where none exist… is that when we cross the line?
Even more heartbreaking is the possibility that you actually uncover, beneath all the façade, another web of lies. Now you simply become a victim of indecision.

2. Upon finding out the truth about a certain situation, what do you do?
Do you gather more evidence to validate your findings; do you confide in someone or simply help propagate this wave of lies?


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