The Power we Command

images (1)Like all the things we take for granted, our fortune to choose our representatives at almost all levels of democracy is hugely sidelined and ignored. The struggle so many sections of society, in every nation, had to endure to be given this basic right, one almost as fundamental as the right to education, is now a days almost forgotten. The nature of votes, one man (or woman, or any of the 50 other genders included on Facebook) one vote is what gives a democracy power and authenticity but from a large and latitudinous point of view. From closer in, and especially in a country like ours (read over populated), this power begins to feel diluted. Its value appears reduced. Moreover well thought out decisions of a few seem to drown out within an ocean of guided decisions; guided by last minute haphazard actions of various politicians, hilariously designed (last second?) adverts and of course unlimited bottles of alcohol.

The entire purpose of elections is takes a beating every time a section of society gives their votes to a particular candidate for all the wrong reasons. We may cringe and call such a group a “vote-bank”, and roll our eyes saying it, treating it as a menace from a fable but the reality is a lot darker than what even those tales have to offer. After the ruling party is done watching itself in the news for a few years, it is already too late to bring in significant change. Like students rushing through a book before an exam, for the first time mind you, reading only what’s most important, most likely to come, they hurriedly pass bills and clear projects. These are often aimed for the “Banks” as it offers them a quick-fix solution, in return for their temporarily unwavering support. It’s a deal with the devil, one who’s after the Nations soul. Then like students who celebrate after passing by the skin of their teeth, they revel in their sudden burst of efficiency, boasting of all the potential they have for the future.

We are all excellent people in the future. See it is some place where everything is based upon our currently missing needs, so when we are made promises about it by an authority we don’t fully understand, it induces within us an unfounded sense of calm. Continued procrastination and baseless confidence make sure those things never reach the present. Unlike our petty exams ( state exams twice every 6 months and general exams bi-annual, by the way) which we can afford to barley pass, how often can this Nation survive such mistreatment. After all how many more states must be formed before a party feels it can save face in the coming elections.

It all circles back down to our decisions about our representatives’ performance after a run at the office. An eager opposition, just waiting to take over after an abysmal run of the ruling party will never be able to fulfill the needs of the nation with the passion, dedication the task requires. Now a sobering question arises: Who do we pick from this ensemble of mediocrity? But the silver lining here is – “who do we pick”. This is where the immense power we command makes a difference. How can a party deny the needs of the people who will eventually elect it? Only once we are able to overcome prejudice can we wake up to realize our needs and to realize that in this democratic system we must necessarily be served those needs. Only then can we make solid demands which will have any scope of being heard and accepted.

This power will serve its purpose, only as long as it is faithfully used by us. The sole reason behind all the conflicts and hardships which discriminated groups of society, back in the 1900’s, endured was because they wanted to live in a world which they could influence. They wanted a say in matters closest to them, and today we are born in a world with these as our inalienable rights. Let us wake up to the power each of us commands and the responsibilities that come with it. As individuals there’s only so much we can do.  A drop of water may not satisfy our growing thirst but together, in case of a country like ours(read over populated) our potential is enough to fill oceans.


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