Sharing in the Big Bad Online World

The nature of joy is to share. Harnessing the simplicity and truth of this statement has made Facebook the run-away success is today is, but this idea has been with us for a long time. As a species inherently hard-wired to function and interact in groups, the tendency to share comes naturally. From an evolutionary perspective complex social structures, which existed even in pre-historic times, derived their strength from the feeling of belongingness which each member contributed towards. This required for them to care for more than their immediate family and thus share tools, food and other necessities. This motivation to contribute, however, comes from more than just the omnipresent social bindings. On an individual level it comes from the happiness of being accepted, the increased sense of esteem and the feeling of security and eminence. connect-social-media-s

However, mindless indulgence is never a good thing. When there exists something called water poisoning (that’s right, from over-hydration) you know excessive sharing everything can lead to no good. Chasing the hollow feeling of pride is what leads to people showing-off. Today’s technology makes it possible to share every instance of your life online with anonymous people. When you update your status every few minutes, when all your food enters your phone before entering your mouths and when every little thought is put on a platter and forcefully served to others, you know you have a problem. This constant urge to share on an online platform soon trickles down into your real world social spheres and the line separating public decency from ridiculous behavior begins to

However in today’s world networking and socializing on online platforms is almost a ritual and such a big part of our daily lives that those who don’t have an online account are thought of as rebellious and borderline anti-social. The online world is simply another platform for us, as humans to interact and share ideas and thoughts in, besides the laughs. Most of us are able to regulate our time online and use it so that it complements our experiences offline. So we should take this opportunity to expand our social spheres rather than to criticize it and resist the inevitable. Besides adapting to change is what has enabled us to survive even more than sharing itself. So now we just have to adapt to this new form of sharing and let the rest take its own course


One comment

  1. Gede Prama · February 28, 2014

    visit your blog, read an interesting article. thank you friends for sharing and greetings compassion 🙂

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